The Jaspers story so far

Jaspers Communtity Café opened in September 2019. After many discussions and deliberations, Cornerstone City Church signed the licence to run the café. Becky and Simba, both with catering and hospitality experience, took on the roles of part-time managers with a team of dedicated volunteers, mainly from Cornerstone.

The main custom for the café came from the users of the building. The adult education learners and staff, and the library users. All was going very well and regular customers were enjoying the homecooked food until… Covid 19!!

After a difficult 18 months we were very pleased to open again in May 2021. We were very fortunate to have financial support from Cornerstone City Church, Kent Community Foundation and partners.  Without this support we would not be in the position we are in now.

We are thriving and enjoying seeing our regular customers from the community and the Rochester Hub building again, Thank you to all!

Our volunteer team changed and is now  growing with members from Medway Voluntary Services, Medway Adult Education, and soon to partner with Trinity College and la Providence residents.

We were able to offer a work placement during the summer and partner with the Adult Education and Cornerstone to deliver the HAF programme. We also ran fruit pizza workshops for children. 

We are really excited to see how the Jaspers story will develop over the next few months.

We are often asked how Jaspers got its name, well not only is Jasper a character from a Dickens book, but it is also a road in Rochester where Cornerstone have their offices and run other community activities from.
Jasper is also a precious stone, symbolizing the glory of God, his splendour, brightness, magnificence and beauty.

Becky Meadows, Jaspers Café Manager

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