Meet the team

Our team at Jaspers is very important to the smooth running of the café.

Becky Meadows - Café Manager​

Becky is the café manager and a tutor with Medway Adult Education, where she teaches Little Chefs and cooking on a budget with supported learners.

Becky is at the community café Monday through Wednesday and makes the most delicious soups and cheese scones.

Becky is married to Steve, they have 4 children and a dog called Ruby. She can also be found at Cornerstone City Church on a Sunday serving on the Welcome team.

Come and say hello and stay and chat a while.

Simba Mafemera - Assistant Café Manager

Come and be greeted by Simba’s big smile on a Thursday and Friday, and try his delicious lentil soup and Frittata.

Simba is married to Audrey, a surgeon, and they have two young children. When not at the café Simba looks after the children and is studying for a degree in psychology, politics and economics. He can also be found at Cornerstone City Church on a Sunday leading worship.

Simba’s hidden talent: he plays the trombone.


Becky and Simba are supported by a team of wonderful volunteers who are co-ordinated by Sarah Tranter.

Volunteer team members help out for between two hours and four hours a week, if you would like to get involved then please contact us.

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