Medway Council initiatives

At Jaspers we are actively committed to the following initiatives run by Medway Council.

bring your own reusable mug for hot drinks

Please bring in your reusable mugs for your hot drinks

At Jaspers we care about the environment and do everything we can to help reduce landfill. If you own a reusable cup please bring it to the café where you are welcome to use it for your hot drinks. As an added bonus you will also get 10p off each hot drink purchased.

refill - stay hydrated

Medway Council Refill initiative

Have you #GotTheBottle? Save money, stay hydrated and help prevent plastic pollution.

In the UK we use 7.7 billion plastic water bottles each year, only half of which are recycled. If just 1 in 10 of us refilled just once per week, we’d use 340 million fewer plastic bottles every year.

The Refill scheme is part of Medway’s Sugar Smart campaign. Through the campaign they want to encourage people to drink more water, reduce plastic pollution and consume less sugar from fizzy drinks by making it easier to fill a reusable bottle on our high streets for free.

We have a water station in Jaspers so just pop in and fill up.

To find other water stations in Medway download the Refill app to find your nearest one. Fill up your water bottle on the go with Refill.

beside you


Medway Council Breastfeeding initiative

Here at Jaspers we offer mothers a place to  feel comfortable while breastfeeding their baby.

#BesideYou helps mums breastfeeding to find the support they need. Whether that’s at breastfeeding groups, from peer supporters, health professionals or from friends and family.

chatty café ~ every WEDNESDAY ~ 1.30am to 3.00pm

Chatty Café Scheme

Jaspers is a supporter of the Chatty Café Scheme and offer Chatter and Natter tables.

The Chatty Café Scheme looks to reduce loneliness and social isolation by getting people chatting. There will be someone here to welcome you with a smile, so please come along if you’d like a chat.

neuro café ~ every friday ~ from 12 noon

neuro cafe coffee

Neuro Café

A joint initiative by the Medway Neurological Network and Medway Adult Education. For more information please call 01634 338400 or drop in on the day.

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